July 4, 2020

Buying Antique Floor Lamps that are Suitable for Pets

There are many different kinds of antique floor lamps available. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They can also come in many different colors. These lamps are perfect for any home out there. However, you might have some problems if you have rowdy pets inside the house! The purchase should be based on your needs and on your pet if you want a long-lasting antique floor lamp!


This should be your main concern when it comes to antique floor lamps but having a pet can change the final outcome! Depending on your room’s decor, these lights can either be a focal point or a bit of a distraction. The choice is yours. Some floor lamps have no lighting at all. In other words, they are just decorative pieces. Most of the antique floor lamps are decorative but there some models which can be used for lighting purposes!

Table Lamps

Table lamps are among the most common. They are ideal for reading in your study, dining room, or any other room. Most of the time they are very sturdy and will withstand the years of use. These are generally not reachable by the beds so it’s a nice idea to get one of these if you want a long-lasting product!

Another style of the table lamp is called a table-side lamp. These are more often used as decorative pieces than for their practical use. These lamps are also p3erfect for people with pets. Most of the pets can’t easily access these lamps but cats can do it so think about it before you make the purchase!


While they may be a more contemporary design, there are still some designs that will fit into a more traditional atmosphere. This is why some people still use table lamps in their modern home. Some antique floor lamps can be suitable for modern designs out there. You have to think about the final look of your room to decide! Classic antique lamps are another choice.

Suitable for Pets

Some of the more popular styles of antique floor lamps include classic, carved, and modern. All three of these styles have been around for a long time. Each has its own unique charm. If you are looking to get an antique floor lamp that is suitable for pets, you should think about the lamp’s stability. This is the most important thing if you want your lamp to last longer.

The modern style of lamp is very different from any other style. It was invented for the Victorian era, so the lamps in this style have very bold styles. Modern lamps are generally more suitable for families with pets because they have heavy metal construction which is grĂȘat for the pets! The lamp you are buying should have a stable and heavy base!


For example, these style lamps have very dark shades. They are made from high-quality materials. They also offer plenty of options for color and design. The design should be your main concern and you can take a look at the durability of the product after that! The product should be made fo high-quality materials and it should be heavy enough so it can withstand the touches of your pet!

You should stay away from glass antique floor lamps if you want a healthy environment in your room! The glass is also made from good quality materials. They are tempered in such a way to provide maximum strength. Some models even feature etched glass. These models might be good for your room but they can cause problems too! If you are looking for glass floor lamps you can prefer plastic models that resemble glass features!

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